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Fast Pass - Care That Waits For No One.
Why Go Out?
When You Can Fast Pass.
Focus on feeling better. Fast Pass will deliver the medications, essentials, and needs you require in just a few minutes. Rest up! Because by the time you wear your slippers, take the lift downstairs, and turn your engine on, we'll already be at your doorstep.
Fast Pass by Formis Health Technologies Private Limited - Where seamless meets swift.
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Fast Pass Delivers The Care You Deserve

Delivering Care Right To Your Doorstep In Minutes.

Bet you've searched for things on the internet like medical shop near me, online medicine, buy medicine online, or even nearest chemist. Well, say goodbye to those frantic scrambles!  FAST PASS by FORMIS is here for you, whenever you need it. Because in the time it takes you to slip on your shoes, take the lift, and start your car, we'll be at your doorstep with your needs.
Medicines and Health Essentials delivery in under 20 minutes by Fast Pass by Formis

Medicines and Health Essentials In  Under 20 Minutes Flat.

Health emergencies? Everyday needs? We've got you covered. Lakhs of essentials delivered swiftly to your doorstep. Simple, reliable healthcare through our WhatsApp ChatBot.
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Community based Events by Fast Pass by Formis

Formisables Community Events

Where the extraordinary awaits. Formisables opens doors to unforgettable experiences, meaningful connections, and a journey of self-discovery. Are you ready?
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Health ID and Health Assessments Right At Your Fingertips

Own your health journey with ABHA. SF-36 and PHQ-9 assessments illuminate your path. Anticipate needs, strengthen your health, and live your best life.
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Manage Health ID and Locker with ABHA enabled by Fast Pass by Formis

Insights, Reminders, Alerts and Urgent Care Spots Locator

Transform your health experience. Gain clarity with intuitive insights, stay on track with seamless reminders, and find support in urgent moments. A brighter path awaits.
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Medication Reminders, Health Tracking, Nearby Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies directly on Whatsapp with Fast Pass by Formis
Fast Pass Values Your Time, Money and Trust.

Simplicity Of FAST PASS Could Save You Hundreds!

The world keeps spinning. Shouldn't your healthcare keep up? Our recent study shows that 78% of consumers pay more than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MRP). Why? Hidden charges and delivery fees sneak in after discounts. Don't let extra costs catch you off guard!
Zero Delivery Fees with Fast Pass by Formis

Why Pay Extra When You Can Save?

Fast Pass is the simplest way to save up to 15% on every order, equivalent to ₹15 to ₹35 on every essential Fast Pass'd. Because the best things in life are free, right?
Start Saving 15%
Zero Hidden Fees with Fast Pass by Formis

Fast Pass Cuts The No Sense Charges

Fast Pass ditches the extra charges, giving you up to 13% off equivalent to ₹15 to ₹20. Because your money's better off in your pocket, not theirs right?
Save Another 13%

And Yes, We Send More

Why settle for less when you have Fast Pass? Fast Pass offers a relaxing unpacking experience, unmatched speed, and surprise gifts. Enjoy an additional flat item discount of up to 15% on top of your 28% savings.
Save An Additional 15%
Great Discounts with Fast Pass by Formis

And To Make Things Even Easier, We Also Automate Monthly Refills.

Opt into our automated monthly refill subscription and relax. Set it once, and we’ll ensure your essentials arrive on time every month-week-day as you set it. With Fast Pass, convenience is delivered!
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Monthly Refills Made Easy with Fast Pass by Formis
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I struggled to find my medications at local pharmacies. Fast Pass made the whole process so convenient.
Mrs. Anjali Rawat
The Process

5 Easy Steps To Get Started

Simple guide for a transformative journey
— follow 5 easy steps to begin.
Step 1

Start Your Order

Order effortlessly with our button-based fully automated WhatsApp based ordering system. It's fast, easy, and takes under 2 minutes. No app or calls needed!
Step 2

Provide Your Details

Enter your name, address, and location to ensure accurate delivery and prompt delivery.
Step 3

Submit Or Type Your Prescription

Easily upload a photo of your digital prescription or simply type your medication list directly into our ordering  form inside WhatsApp.
Step 4

Review and Confirm

Double-check your order summary and make any necessary adjustments for accuracy.
Step 5

Done. Get The Delivery At Your Doorstep In 18 To 30 Minutes Flat.

Securely place your order and receive a payment link. Upon delivery, provide the OTP for a safe and smooth transaction.
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A Must-Have Experience.
Mrs. Anita Jagtap

Join The Ever Growing.

Formisables Community

With over 500 active members committed to prioritizing well-being and prevention, we're making positive lifestyle changes together for a healthier future.
I have complete control over my health information with a secure and easy-to-share locker.
Mr. Rohan Arora
As They Say Fast They Literally Arrived In Just Like 14 Minutes.
Ms. Bhavna Arora

Exciting and Thrilling.

100% Guaranteed.

We’re all about vibrant lifestyles, not just medicine. Join us and be part of a movement where every conversation sparks innovation and inspires a healthier, more dynamic future.
I no longer stress about my diabetes medication as it automated now.
Mr. Rishi Juneja
I accidentally ordered the same medicine twice, but their support team quickly sorted out the exchange.
Mr. Anil Biswas

Join The Formisables.

Join our vibrant community — empowering members to prioritize well-being and make positive, lasting lifestyle changes together.
Not Just Quick, But Quintessential!

Your health, Your way.

We know you're often searching for medical shop near me. Well, search no more! Experience better healthcare with Fast Pass. We offer lightning-fast deliveries, a comprehensive health management portal, and a thriving community. It's everything you need for a smoother, healthier journey.
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Start Experiencing Fast Pass Now